Student Chapters Award

Student Chapters Travel Award

The Student Chapters Travel Award provides up to $500 to support a designated undergraduate student chapter member to present their research at #DiscoverBMB.

  • This award is designated at the discretion of the chapter faculty adviser.
  • Each chapter with five or more members may designate one awardee. Chapters with 20 or more members may designate two award recipients. Chapters with 40 or more members may designate three award recipients.

Award requirements/eligibility

  • The undergraduate student must be a member of an active chapter that has paid its 2023–2024 chapter dues by Nov. 28.
  • The undergraduate student must submit an abstract as the primary author (first author) by the abstract deadline of 11:59 p.m. Eastern on Nov. 30. Advisers should not submit on behalf of a student.
  • The undergraduate student must upload a certification form signed by their chapter adviser that confirms they are the chapter’s designee.
  • Failure to attend the meeting and participate in the required events as detailed below will disqualify a student from receiving the award.

Participation requirements

Award recipients are required to participate fully in the following activities. Failure to participate in the activities listed below will result in forfeiture of the travel award.

  • Attend the Undergraduate Student Orientation on Saturday, March 23.
  • Present during the #DiscoverBMB 2024 general poster session. Abstract-programming notifications will be sent prior to the early-registration deadline stating the date and time of presentation.
  • Complete the #DiscoverBMB Student Chapters survey.

Participation in the Undergraduate Poster Competition is no longer required to receive this award as of 2024. Awardees are still encouraged to participate in the competition, which takes place on Saturday, March 23.

If you have not been designated by your chapter's faculty adviser as the recipient, do not apply for this award.