Career-development events

Career-development events

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For undergrads

Saturday, March 23

Undergraduate student orientation

Get the most out of your #DiscoverBMB experience, learn fun things to do at the meeting, get to know other undergraduates and start building your professional network. Attendance is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Sunday, March 24

Undergraduate student careers workshop: Speed networking

This event introduces undergraduates to a variety of potential career paths in biochemistry, molecular biology and related majors. During this fast-paced networking session, attendees meet with a new speaker every few minutes. Speakers will share their career journeys and showcase how they use their common scientific training in the pursuit of many different career paths. Connect with scientists and discover what career paths fit your interests.

Career hub

Sunday–Monday, March 24–25

Talks and networking

Hear from professionals in a variety of fields — and then network with them — at the career hub in the exhibit hall. Learn more

One-on-one mentoring

Sunday–Tuesday, March 24–26

Get tailored career advice

We’ll have mentors on hand who can help you no matter where you are on your career path. They’ll look at your CV, teaching statement, specific aims and anything else you might have questions about.

Short courses

Short courses require advance registration.

Saturday, March 23

Broadening your impact through the art of science communication

Learn how to take your science out of the lab and share it with different audiences in ways that are accessible and impactful. Learn more

Saturday, March 23

Lab launch: An introduction for future and new faculty members

This course will cover leading your lab, obtaining and negotiating a faculty position, managing your startup budget, building and sustaining an effective team, and managing your time. Learn more

Saturday, March 23

Launching your grant with an effective specific aims page

This course will cover the specific aims page of a grant proposal, which you have to get right if you want to get your research funded. Learn more


Monday, March 25

Skills needed in industry jobs

Hear from recruiters from biotech and pharma about what skills they’re looking for in top-notch candidates. Learn how best to showcase those skills in your applications and interviews.

Tuesday, March 26

Finding the right academic faculty position

At this panel discussion, junior and senior faculty member will talk about the variety of academic positions and institutions to help you determine which might be right for you.


Navigating the academic job market as an LGBTQIA+ scientist: Challenges and opportunities

This session will create a safe space to discuss the unique experience of navigating an academic job search as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. Learn more

Driving CAR statements into your résumé

If you’re trying to catch the eye of a noncademic employer, including challenge–action–result, or CAR, statements on your résumé is key. Learn more

Owning your career

This workshop will provide practical and actionable strategies for setting and achieving long-term career goals, including how to identify short-term goals that support your long-term plans. Learn more

Twists, turns and Ph.D.: Navigating the realities of today’s Ph.D. job market

Learn strategies for preparing for the many possible jobs you can pursue and walk away with an action plan for your job search. Learn more

Integrating inclusive, evidence-based practices into your training programs and mentorship to support career development

This workshop will explore strategies for better supporting graduate students and postdocs in their career exploration and planning. Learn more

Success in scientific publishing

This workshop is designed to give attendees an inside look at what goes into taking your research from idea to published manuscript. Learn more


Sunday–Tuesday, March 24–26

Meetups provide a casual atmosphere for open discussion and networking around a topic or interest area. They are an opportunity to make new connections during the meeting and help foster impactful collaborations and close-knit, supportive communities. Learn more