Short courses

Short courses

These three-hour intensive courses provide a deep dive into practical topics.

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Broadening your impact through the art of science communication

Learn how to take your science out of the lab and share it with different audiences in ways that are accessible and impactful. In this three-hour workshop, hosted by ASBMB’s Science Outreach and Communication Committee, you’ll apply the core concepts in ASBMB’s Art of Science Communication course to become a more effective science communicator. Bring any abstract related to your work and prepare to transform your research into a scientific story with an emphasis on knowing your audience and using frames and terminology relevant to your audience.

Lab launch: An introduction for future and new faculty members

Are you going on the faculty job market this fall? Or are you in the process of starting your academic lab now? This short course is for you. We will cover the following topics: leading your lab; obtaining and negotiating a faculty position; managing your startup budget; building and sustaining an effective team; and managing your time. Facilitators will use a mix of small-group discussion, panels, workshop-style activities and lecture. All participants are invited to a networking reception at the end of the short course.

Launching your grant with an effective specific aims page

Nisha CavanaughSanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute
Chris Heinen, University of Connecticut School of Medicine

When writing a new grant or fellowship proposal, the first step is to craft your specific aims page. On this page, you must clearly communicate your research question and lay out the approach for how you will attempt to answer this question. The specific aims page is a vital component of the proposal that all reviewers will read, so getting this page right is probably the most important thing you can do to ensure a well-received proposal.

In this hands-on interactive workshop, we will discuss strategies for writing an effective specific aims page. This will include a brief discussion on tips and tricks for composing this page within the context of the larger grant or fellowship. Participants will have an opportunity to critique sample specific aims pages, identifying major strengths of the page and areas for improvement. To get the most out of this workshop, we strongly encourage you to bring your own specific aims page — from a previous or future grant/fellowship application — to receive peer feedback on its effectiveness. Getting feedback from others, especially those unfamiliar with your area of research, is an important way to improve your writing. (Note: You will only need to share this page with one other person, and we will ask that everyone who participates respect the confidentiality of what is being shared with them.)

This workshop is based on the principle that effective writing is key to a successful scientific career in academia and many other disciplines. Like any skill, writing well involves learning and practice. Join us for this deep dive into writing a specific aims page to enhance your ability and confidence as a writer!