Travel awards

Graduate Student Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award

Graduate Student Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award

This award, supported by the ASBMB Maximizing Access Committee, will be issued competitively to assist underrepresented graduate student members presenting their research at #DiscoverBMB.

Award recipients will be reimbursed for qualifying travel expenses up to $1,000.

Submission of an application is not a guarantee of funding.

Award requirements and eligibility

Participation requirements

Award recipients are required to participate fully in the following activities. Failure to attend the events listed below will result in forfeiture of the travel award.

  • Presentation of submitted abstract during #DiscoverBMB. Abstract-programming notifications will be sent prior to the early-registration deadline.
  • Participation in the Professor Rounds program, a yearlong virtual mentoring program with established scientists in career paths that align with the travel awardee’s interests.
  • Participate in the poster/networking event sponsored by the Maximizing Access Committee. Information will be included in award notifications.
  • Participation in a travel awardee networking event. Time and date will be included in award notifications.

Information required for submission of application

  • Successfully submitted abstract as first author.
  • Statement — 500 words describing your career goals and why attending #DiscoverBMB will be beneficial to you.
  • Letter of recommendation from your current adviser — letter must be submitted with other documents at the time of application (see "Note to adviser" below).

Note to adviser

Applicant — Share the following with your current research adviser well in advance of submitting an application:

A letter of recommendation is required from each applicant's current research adviser and must be uploaded at the time of application submission. Address the letter of support to "The ASBMB Award Review Committee." The letter must be on institution letterhead and include the adviser's signature.

The letter of recommendation should address each of the following:

  • How meeting attendance will benefit applicant's professional development.
  • Applicant's need for financial assistance to attend meeting.
  • Scientific merit of applicant's work.